Core Values, Activities, and Attitude

Core Values

Continuous Growth

Execute missions through continuous growth and at the same time improve market influence. This leads to customer satisfaction with a high probability and becomes the basis for self-growth.

Calibrated Target - Setting

We respond sensitively to market changes and adjust our goals to meet the changes. This is a prerequisite for continuous growth, and it is in harmony with customer satisfaction.

Core Activities

Buy and Sell Surplus Equipment

From single purchases to turn-key projects, DK NINE participates MNEs’ surplus equipment biddings and wins the biddings to secure available equipment for our customers.

Search and Supply Wanted Equipment

As our customers’ requests we, DK NINE, search wanted machinery by going through all available channels and provide within a given time frame.

Global Consignment Sales

On behalf of our customers, DK NINE conducts sales activities of items for sale. Our global sales networks derive successful deals.

Consulting Services

Since every customer’s needs are different, DK NINE provides its expertise in tailor-made ways. Our sophisticated solutions are tremendously helpful for tackling existing problems.


DK NINE seeks new opportunities and chances of cooperation and collaboration.

Our “Can-Do” attitude smoothly enables Cumbersome and sometimes tricky cases to be done.

DK NINE would like to be a reliable business partner and trustworthy friend to our customers by perfectly meeting their needs.